Essential Steps to Gardening

In House Courses


The School of Garden Design Studio, Hillcrest


Random Harvest Nursery, Muldersdrift


Designing your Garden

08h30 – 13h00 (weekend)

Drawing a Plan & Sketching your Ideas

08h30 – 16h00 (weekend)

Caring for your Urban Garden

08h30 – 13h00 (weekend)

Growing Fruit & Vegetables

08h30 – 13h00 (weekend)

Designing & Planting an Herb Garden

08h30 – 13h00 (weekend)


KZN 2022:

Essential Steps to Designing your Garden : TBA

Essential Steps to Maintaining your Garden :  TBA

Essential Steps to Growing your own Herbs :  TBA

Essential Steps to Growing your own Produce : TBA

GP 2022:



Our range of short but comprehensive workshops are designed specifically to allow the homeowner to build on their gardening knowledge at their convenience.  Collectively, the course content of these workshops covers the full design process as well as offering sound maintenance principles for a sustainable garden.

In our Essential Steps to Drawing a Plan course, you will learn to draw an accurate garden design plan as well as simple techniques to sketch your ideas.

The course material is filled with colour images and is available in pdf format to students. Should anyone request printed material there will be a surcharge and postage costs will be incurred.

Who Benefits From This Course

These short, comprehensive workshops will benefit anyone wanting to learn more about designing a garden to improve their own living space and increase the resale value of their home, or anyone simply wanting to gain inspiration or fine-tune their landscaping skills. The drawing skills workshop is essential if you would like an accurate plan for your garden, and I would suggest that even garden maintenance companies are armed with this invaluable knowledge.

These workshops are ideal for those who are either unable to attend our Premier Garden Design & Maintenance Course or who are not comfortable studying via distance learning.


The student will feel both comfortable and confident with all aspects of garden design, garden maintenance and plan drawing.


Designing & Planting your Garden

A visually stimulating introduction to the practical and creative elements of garden design. You are guaranteed to leave this full-day workshop with new ideas and a clear perspective on how to tackle any project. The course content will guide you to the point where you have assimilated all the data necessary to be able to draw a garden design plan. 

This section of the workshop will assist you tremendously with plant choice and combinations as well as how to create that WOW factor in your garden by instilling atmosphere, creating habitats to attract wildlife and much more.

Drawing a Plan & Sketching your Ideas

This full-day workshop is for the person who is serious about designing their garden accurately and for those already in the gardening industry who need to fine-tune their skills.

The course content covers understanding the various drawing scales, accurate placement of the home and its permanent features, experimenting with formal and informal design and professional plan presentation.

The sketching module will bring out your creativity and enable you to communicate your ideas in the simplest way possible (no previous art experience needed).

Caring for your Garden

In this course we expand on the five essential elements of basic horticulture so that you can confidently care for your garden and, at the same time, create a sustainable environment.

Growing your own Produce

Much has already been written on this subject, but, in this workshop, you will brainstorm the size, design and content of your vegetable garden with loads of tips on using natural and eco-friendly principles.

Discover which crops are heavy, medium and light feeders and how to rotate your crops to achieve the maximum benefit from your soil.

Designing an Herb Garden 

Our herb workshop will assist you with identifying the optimum growing conditions for a wide selection of herbs, whether for culinary, medicinal, spiritual or cosmetic use. No garden should be without herbs and they can either be planted as a separate entity in your garden or interspersed between your other plants, provided that the light, soil and water conditions suit them.


These courses are also offered in a convenient online format.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

Not at all, just come along and enjoy yourself.


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