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  • Do I need any previous experience?
    Not at all. All courses are designed to suit the level of the student. In our 14-week Garden Design & Maintenance course, for instance, because you are working constantly under the watchful eye of your tutor, a novice student can be guided with patience through the design process, while the more experienced student will be extended and expected to produce work of an excellent quality. At the end of the day, each person is here to learn and you are guaranteed to fulfil that objective on any of our courses.
  • Is your school accredited?
    No it is not presently accredited and, until there is a SETA for landscaping, we choose not to pursue the matter. We offer these courses as an extra-mural, however each student will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of whichever course he/she attends. However, as South Africa's oldest private garden design school, we are exceptionally proud of the many fine students we have produced over the years, with those who are involved in the gardening industry, doing us proud. Many of our students have gone on to set up conservancies, manage school gardens, start indigenous nurseries and showcase their talents around South Africa. Even those who just do it for their own enjoyment, end up with gardens of which they can be exceptionally proud.
  • Does your school offer student mentoring?
    Definitely. If a student is going into the industry, we offer mentoring over the first few jobs if they want it, to ensure that their plans are accurate and that the student feels confident about the job he is about to do. There always comes the time, however, when the student cuts the apron strings and that is when we stand back and wish them well. The nature of our additional courses - Plant Identification, Staff Training, etc. and especially our Business Skills for the Greeg Industry- means that our students seldom leave our school as there is always something new and exciting in which they can participate.
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