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Grow your own Produce 

Commencing Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Cost - R1 800 per person

Courses HO

It is heartening to see the renewed enthusiasm people have for wanting to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, either to live a sustainable life or simply to be able to say ‘I picked this from my garden’.

It’s not as difficult as it seems – no more difficult that growing any decorative plant in the garden – and yet many people feel intimidated by the concept of growing food.

Join Lindsay Gray, award-winning garden designer, three-times author and occasionally-failed produce grower as she guides you through the process of this life-changing gardening activity!

“There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to growing your own produce. Across the breadth of any country, one cannot expect the same results. Climates vary, soil varies, light intensity varies,” says Lindsay. “You need to understand and work with what your climate allows you.”

On this 9-week online course, learn how to prepare your soil in a sustainable manner and grow your vegetables organically, using companion planting and natural pest control to keep your produce as healthy as possible. Discover what works for you, how differently you can do things to others and still get the same results – wonderful, fresh fruit and veg to add to your table.

  • Receive weekly PDF modules on a Friday in preparation for the Zoom class the following Tuesday;


  • Meet with other students at 10h30 on a Tuesday for an hour. If you cannot attend, a recording will be sent to you;


  • Join the WhatsApp group where you can share your successes heartaches with only your fellow students;


  • Join our private Facebook group for all of our produce-growing students;


  • Receive private mentoring from Lindsay for as long as you need it;


1. Getting it right from the start

Considering all the factors that you have available to you in your space and how you will work with that.

2. Selecting produce to grow that you enjoy

Choosing the right crops for your area, your family and the season in which to grow them.


3. Fabulous designs for your vegetable/fruit/herb garden

Exploring exciting formal and informal designs for your garden.


4. Soil Preparation/compost/fertilisers/no dig

Sustainable garden practice to grow the freshest, most healthy produce.


5. Crop Rotation

Understanding the practice and need for crop rotation and how to put this into practice.


6. Kitchen Gardens

Creating a garden in a small space including culinary herbs.


7. Natural Pest Control and Companion Planting

We don’t want to use poisons in our garden. Learn how to bring about natural pest control.


8. Maintaining your vegetable garden

How to go about watering, weeding and feeding.


9. Growing vegetables and herbs from seeds and cuttings

A little bit of propagation experience will open up a world of exciting prospects. Remember, we are all still learning!


Confirm your intention by telephone, fax or email.


Once you have downloaded the application form, complete it then upload and submit the form on this page.

On application, you will be requested to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit.

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Coming up in 2022...​​

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Structured Study :  Clever Plant Choices   Commencing Tues, 16 Aug

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