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Discover the remarkable success stories of our graduates who have shaped the gardening industry since the inception of the School of Garden Design in 1994. As South Africa's oldest and most esteemed garden design school, we have welcomed a multitude of talented students through our doors, many of whom have gone on to carve exceptional careers in the world of gardening.

Our alumni form a vibrant community of professionals who have made significant contributions to the field. With their passion, knowledge, and skills acquired at our institution, they have transformed gardens into breathtaking works of art, blending beauty and functionality in harmonious landscapes.

From landscape architects to horticulturalists, our graduates have left an indelible mark on the gardening industry, both locally and internationally. Their success stories stand as a testament to the rigorous education they received at the School of Garden Design, where they developed a deep understanding of horticulture, landscape architecture, and environmental conservation.


Join us in celebrating the achievements of our accomplished alumni and be inspired by their journeys. Explore their diverse careers and discover how the School of Garden Design has been a stepping stone towards their flourishing professional paths.

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