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Here you will find a list of courses that are suited to equipping anyone who wants to make a career out of garden design, landscaping and/or garden maintenance. They are also ideal for anyone already working in the industry that is in need of some inspiration!

Premier Garden Design Correspondence Course

Course Content:




This course was introduced in 2008 to cater for gardening enthusiasts who live in outlying areas or in another country where access to adult education centres is limited. It is also ideal for busy people who simply don’t have the time to attend a course on a weekly basis. Having said that, it is not a pre-requisite that the student lives miles away.

Essential Steps to Gardening  Correspondence Courses

Various Short Courses:

Designing & Planting your Garden

Caring For Your Garden 

Growing Your Own Produce

Designing an Herb Garden 

We offer a wonderful range of comprehensive and inspiring workshops on weekends on garden design and plant choices, garden maintenance (basic horticulture), growing your own produce, and how to design an herb garden and utilise these magical plants. These four workshops are held quarterly in Kwazulu-Natal and elsewhere on demand. These are also offered as short correspondence courses.

Business Skills for the Green Industry

Course Content:



Labour Practice

The Quoting System

In an industry that deals with a visual and living art form such as garden design and landscaping, it is easy to become so engrossed in beautifying a space that you forget about the many costs you incur while running your business to derive a decent salary each month on which to live.

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