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Winter Colour

Oranges and Lemons

I feel sorry for people who do not enjoy yellow and orange in a garden (and there are many) because that is what winter is all about – warm, citrus colours. As aloes, red-hot pokers and a variety of succulents burst into flower, the typical winter garden is set to warm the cockles of your heart.

Of course, there are many cooler colours that you can include with the warmer tones. Purple and lilac are great complementary colours of yellow; blue is the perfect companion for orange. So, a soft blue Plumbago auriculata as a backdrop to an orange-flowering aloe or Strelitzia reginae, would be ideal.

Our garden design course focuses heavily on colour as it is one of the key components for setting the stage for your ultimate garden – or that of your client – when deciding on a style or theme of garden. Certain styles of garden demand a specific colour scheme. If you are designing a shade garden, there are only so many colours that enjoy shade, while the rest require a good dose of sunshine to show off. Choosing a colour scheme for your design ensures that your choice of plants is that much easier!

“Establishing a colour scheme to suit the style or theme of the project you are designing makes your eventual choice of plants that much easier and adds cohesion to the design.”

Recommendation : Colour features prominently in our Premier Garden & Maintenance course as well as our Essential Steps to Designing and Essential Steps to Clever Plant Choices courses.

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