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Below is a list of the various courses that will typically suit anyone wanting to garden for their own pleasure and increase their investment in their home, as well as for those who would like an introduction into the gardening industry as a career.

Premier Garden Design & Maintenance Course

Course Content:




'Garden design' is the first step in landscaping. You cannot landscape a garden until you have designed it and, for that, you need to understand (a) how to organise spaces so that they meet your needs or that of your client, and (b)  the environment to which it is attached.

Essential Steps to Gardening

In House Workshops:

Clever Plant Choices

Caring For Your Garden 

Growing Your Own Vegetables

We offer a wonderful range of comprehensive and inspiring workshops on weekends on garden design, garden maintenance (basic horticulture), growing your own produce, clever plant choices and how to design an herb garden and utilise these magical plants. These five workshops are held quarterly in Kwazulu-Natal and elsewhere on demand. These are also offered as short correspondence courses.

Plant Identification Course

Course Content:

Plant Identification

Plant Research

This course is designed to take your plant knowledge one step further by equipping you to be able to place different plants into their larger families by learning to recognise similar characteristics within those families which will make identification that much easier. 

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